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Rootify aka the "Tinder for languages" connects cultures by diminishing the language barrier and matching people to achieve their learning goals together. Not only can you swipe your way through potential tandem partners but also through vocabulary you're actually interested in.


With our App it is easy to eliminate language barriers and find tandem partners to continue socializing offline.

Spaced Repetition

This unique app gives room to an evidence-based learning technique that is usually performed with flashcards. Newly introduced and more difficult flashcards are shown more frequently while older and less difficult flashcards are shown less frequently in order to exploit the psychological spacing effect. This makes learning fun.


With this app has typical elements of game playing like point scoring, competition with others and rules of play. All techniques are used to encourage engagement.


We use an AI based Technology, with makes the matching of users and the learning so interesting. While machine learning allows us to create individualized learning paths for every user.

Minimalistic UI

With a user interface like ours, it is easy to understand and get started immediately. It only contains necessary elements to remove any complexity in the app's UI.


The Rootify Language Learning App goes beyond interacting with other users. We end up with an unimaginable prospect of learning within the shortest time frame. Let‘s rootify!

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